About Me

I’ve always had a love for the internet and consider it one of the best inventions💡 ever made (where else can you find out how to boil an egg🥚in 5 seconds). But really, the number of hard to use sites frustrated me. I always wondered about the thought process behind those design decisions and how I could improve the experience. Fast forward⏩ to wanting a career change and I thought NOW is the time to pursue that passion! I switched to UX because I love❤️ making processes more efficient, creating order out of chaos, and designing an intuitive product enjoyable for everyone🌎.

Working at a small business for many years taught me to be highly organized, driven, and independent. Not to mention the value and necessity of communication. These strengths along with my love for learning all make me a more passionate and efficient designer. I’m very personable, curious, and honest - all of which allow me to communicate with and understand users better.

My Design Process

To create the best user experience I generally use the double diamond process. Discover the problem by conducting research and brainstorming ideas. Then synthesize this data to narrow down and Define the problem. Develop possible solutions for the problem, test, iterate, then narrow down the product for the final design and Deliver to the user. The design process is of course never linear and loops back and forth at all stages.

Double Diamond Design Process

While I'm not working...

I’m probably playing with my fur babies🐶, reading a mystery novel📖, or cooking a delicious healthy meal🥗. You can also find me hiking🥾 at local and state park trails as long as it’s not freezing❄️ outside, which rules out a lot of the year here😆. Oh yah, I’m a cheesehead🧀 and am told I have quite a Wisconsin accent.